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NTFS Permissions

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  • NTFS Permissions

    I have win 2003 ADS configured and this domain consists of some File servers which have some documental folders shared only to some users..

    Now i have divided users in 2 groups read and write ..

    The users who have write rights on some folders cannot modify internal folders in those shares ... (Even if i give modify permissions which are either inherited or just on some inside directory...

    But when in sharing permissions i give change rights then they can modify in those shares...

    I am confused with security and Share permissions.....

    Are they linked with each other or does share permissions change rights override the security rights......

    Note:- i am fully aware of sharing rights i mean hoe they work but when they are used with security rights this is the problem i face...

    Thanks i am waiting

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    Re: NTFS Permissions

    Think of it like a tunnel.

    User tries to access file A through a share tunnel.

    The user has full control over file A however the tunnel restricts him to only read therefore he can only read the file.

    User has full control on the tunnel but only read on the file. He would therefore still only have read.

    "Generally" it means worst case (most restrictive) wins. It is common to just give auth users/domain users/ department etc groups change or full control on a share and then lock the files/folders down with the NTFS permissions.

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