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Link Speed with Routing and remote acces

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  • Link Speed with Routing and remote acces

    Hi everybody,
    I run a windows 2003 server with routing and remote acces serving for vpn acces via the internet. My intention was to look video films from my server elsewhere.
    So I installed a 10Mbit upload connection and connected myself on a different place with an at least 3Mbit Download connection via vpn. Then I connect the network disk from my server and started to run a video file of about 2Mbit bitrate.
    This did not work succesfully because the established link speed on the server side is only 1 Mbit.
    My question now is :
    1.) Does anyone know where the link speed is dependant from ?
    2.) And if yes , how to modify or influence the link speed ?

    Thanks in advance !
    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

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    Re: Link Speed with Routing and remote acces

    An ISP may advertise connections "up to" 3MBit but chances are you are never going to achieve that speed. Their estimates are dependant on the quality of the infrastructure, the distance from you to the exchange if connecting over a phone line, the number of users currently using the service, and any traffic shaping imposed by the ISP.
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      Re: Link Speed with Routing and remote acces

      Maybe try something designed to serve media over a network such as VLC?
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