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TS licensing server problem

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  • TS licensing server problem

    I have a win2k3 server running TS server in application mode, and a TS licensing server. NO DC is running on this network. The TS server sees the licensing server but licensing server wont hand out CALs. it does however hand out temporary licenses. any help would be much apreciated, also all workstations are running xp pro

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    Read the info at the below link, especially Method 2: For Windows XP Professional Licenses That Were Obtained Through Retail or OEM Channels that is about halfway down the page.;en-us;823313

    Post back if this doesn't solve your problem or point you to another possible solution.
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      no biggles, I already have licenses, they are installed in the TS licensing server, but the licensing server wont hand them out to the TS clients. instead the licensing server hands out temporary licenses.


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        sorry if I sounded kinda like a jack @$$ in the last post, I thought I stated that the TS CALs were installed