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microsoft deployment toolkit 2008 vs Ghost

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  • microsoft deployment toolkit 2008 vs Ghost

    I am currently using Symantec ghost to deploy images on my workstations.
    I want to change to another tool to avoid all the problems with identical SID's, WSUSID's and so on... and it has to be free of charge because the guys upstairs wont give me any more money these days

    I've been looking at MDT, but I havn't been able to sort out how this would work with software...
    I want to be able to:

    Either deploy a complete image with all the applications "baked-in" it


    2. To deploy a clean OS and then deploy the applications afterwards according to the department needs...

    Can MDT 2008 running on a 2003 server do any of these scenarios? and if so... any experiences worth sharing?
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    Petter C.

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    Re: microsoft deployment toolkit 2008 vs Ghost

    I'd recommend deploying a vanilla install of the OS and then installing applications separately. That way you only have one image to maintain, and you don't keep on having to create new images whenever an app gets upgraded.

    I don't know about MDT, but you can do this with WDS on Server 2003/2008 to deploy Windows. Applications can be deployed using Group Policy. Apps that don't include MSI installers will need some work first - usually you can create your own MSI very easily. Microsoft recommend the use of Veritas' WinInstall LE which is included on the Windows 2000 CD.
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