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[NEWBIE] Need Help Internet name and other[sorry for offtop]

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  • [NEWBIE] Need Help Internet name and other[sorry for offtop]

    I've got DNS name and Web site like on my provider.
    This Provider gives me internet SDSL too.
    NOw I buy 8 IP (2 packege) for my server ... and want to move HOST name to my server (Windows Server 2003 SP1) with WebSite...
    (my English it not so good)
    I call to my provider and ask him what to do but hi says that I just sing some documents and that all ... And nothing about how to Configurate !!!
    On Windows Server 2003 SP1???
    Question: Someone help me to understand how to correct configure Internet host name!!!
    About how to Configure DNS and AD and other on LAN I know it !!!

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    The DNS change will be done by your ISP. This will then be copied to all the other DNS servers in the world.

    So when people type in into their web browser it will resolve to the external IP address of your server. Then if you have IIS configured (on port 80) it will then serve the user a web page.

    Hope this helps
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