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Firewall for Windows 2k Server

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  • Firewall for Windows 2k Server

    I was hoping to get some feedback on a good software firewall for a windows 2k server with multiple PC's connected to it's domain. I have a cheesy Linksys router (plan to upgrade soon) that is taking care of the hardware side of it, but I would also like a software firewall as well. For my antivirus, I have Symantec CE which allows me to centrally administer as well as install the software to all of the clients in the domain. I would like to have something similar for the firewall as well. I've found a few on the web, but they seem to be in the range of over $50,000.00 USD. which is a little outa my league.
    Any and all thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you in advance!

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    Brad Bentley


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      Thanks bbentely.
      Although I don't think that will cover all of the security issues that I'd like to take care of. However, if I was running 2k3, that just might do the trick.
      In the meantime I've installed Black Ice Server protection which seems like fairly decent software. In fact, it just prevented a DoS attack on my system.
      Now the dreaded decision of what router to purchase...

      Thank you again for your input!


      • #4 - ZoneAlarm - Sygate Personal Firewall - Norton Personal Firewall

        You can also test the effectiveness of the firewall by visiting and click on "Shields Up".
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          don't know what you're budget is, but checkpoint is in my opinion the world leading.

          also, zonelabs are sold to checkpoint...
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            IMO End user products from symantec are getting just as bad as Network Asociates. But I adore thier Enterprise Solutions.
            Brad Bentley