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W2k3-users get disconnected after period of inactivity

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  • W2k3-users get disconnected after period of inactivity

    This ONLY happens from one of our other locations, they are on their own subnet, behind out firewall (connected through Point to point T1) and it happens on all sorts of clients (95/98/NT and even XP).

    Basically the user will leave an Access database open for a long time without doing anything in it and when he/she goes back in they get a "data error" message.... At first I thought it was just MS Access, but sometimes the same happens with Excel files.

    Their outlook doesn't disconnect and neither does anything else.

    Which narrows the problem down to our file server which is an HP 1200 NAS box running the Windows 2003 Storage server edition OS. (basically a stripped down w2k3 server)

    Is there a timeout setting somewhere in W2k3 ???

    this is getting very annoying to our users and so far I've had no luck figuring it out.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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    Check the autodisconnect setting on the client.;highlight=

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      I'll give it a shot, thanks