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Imaging DC to new hardware

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  • Imaging DC to new hardware


    Has anyone got any experiance of imaging a single/non-replicating DC, exchange and SQL to new hardware using Acronis TI echo 9.5 with universal restore?

    (single W2k3 std 32bit DC, exchange std 2003, SQL 2005 (all on same machine))

    I've read allot about cloning DC's is risky but I rebuilt this DC only 6 months ago and I don't want to do it again. Allot of hours have gone into the config of this server! My client at the time didn't want to spend the money on new hardware. After a drive failure he's changed his mind.

    I'm running trials now from an Acronis backup. I'm not restoring to new servers yet just a desktop PC. Restore was slow (6 hours for 258 GB) but booted OK. Not allot worked until I got the network config back in, expected.

    Apart from that everything seems to be OK, automatic services all started OK but this isn't in live environment. What problems should I expect here?

    Have many people done this?
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    Re: Imaging DC to new hardware

    Have you considered the idea of a migration?
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      Re: Imaging DC to new hardware

      Originally posted by gforceindustries View Post
      Have you considered the idea of a migration?

      I have concidered migrating but I can't see why imaging from old to new should be a problem? Is the DC/AD hardware layer dependant in some way?

      As I said I have replicated what I want to do and it appears to be working fine in a test environment.

      Does someone know aobut this relationship DC's have with the hardware layer/HAL that imaging a system onto different hardware will break. No other server roles have this issue.