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  • Event ID: 4015

    I've suddenly started getting Event ID:4015 error messages, along with Event ID: 4004.

    The last thing I did was create a virtual server, and disable the Domain policy, and this happens....Or so I thought, until I noticed the errors had ALWAYS been there, just didn't appear in the Event Viewer for every day.

    Anyway, today I come in and I can't get access to the GPOs I created. It comes up with an error of:

    "An unknown error has occurred while data was gathered for this extension. Details: Access to the path \\\sysvol\\Policies \{blah blah blah}\adm is denied"

    Any ideas as to how to fix this so I can, at the very least, recover my GPOs?

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    Did you upgrade Win 2000 domain to Win 2003 domain (with SP1)?
    What is the NTFS and Share permissions of SYSVOL/Netlogon shares?
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      It was a brand new install. I found how to sort it on Microsoft's site.

      It was all to do with Digitally Sign Communications. The server was set to enable, whereas the workstation part on the server was set to disable, so it couldn't talk to itself.

      The fix involved editing the registry.