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  • Event ID 15 and 1054

    Hi all, new here so be gentle.

    I have a new laptop with XP Pro. I connected it to the domain and initially there was no problem. Some of the apps we use get rolled out using GPO and after joining it to the domain I added the computer name into the Acrobat Reader group and it installed Reader 9.

    Today I get another app ready for rollout using GPO. I add the computer name to the security group do the usual GPO stuff (made slight mistake and applied the policy to all authenticated users now rectified after a user pointed out he had the app install) but I could get the app to install using the GPO to the laptop.

    I checked event viewer and found event ids 1054 and 15 in the application log. I searched Google and found a solution from MS. Changed the DNS server from "get them automatically" to "specify these" and the errors go away and the apps install no problem.

    But that's where the problem lies. The user of the laptop will work from home connecting in thru his broadband connection. I don't know what IP range he'll have in his house and I would rather it took the DNS server automatically if he is travelling about.

    So my question is this? Can I get the network adapter to play sensible and get the DNS server along with the DHCP or am I stuck with the current situation?

    I'm pretty sure he won't be using the same DNS servers in his house as we use here.

    Many thanks for reading this message


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    Re: Event ID 15 and 1054

    If you search and find fixes then it can be helpful to post them as part of the question.
    In regards to your problem, is there a difference between the DNS addresses you get through DHCP and the ones you manually set?

    Please read this before you post:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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      Re: Event ID 15 and 1054

      Keep the guy on dynamic, I think he'll be more upset about not been able to connnect to the internet than he will care about adobe reader.
      You could install it manually or maybe install it using another method.

      For event id 15 and 1054 these are shown as accepted solutions:

      Event id 1054

      Event id 15

      Hope that helps.
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