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    Hi guys, i am really sorry for not posting into right thread as i can find the right thread for my problem so i thought of getting onto it...

    Well i am new to this field. I wanted to know install a backup solution for a company. They want to backup around 60 pc. So i need to install a backupserver HP ML350 in their network so can backup all the 60 pc's on that server and then we can backup that server remotely to our servers. They are connecting to us thru leased line of 2MB.

    My main issue is this that backup server will be brand new without any software. So anyone can help me with that. Please tell me if i need to install Win2003 server with which raid level and all....please i really really need help. And how will i configure all the pcs in their network to get backed up on that server.

    Our servers and leased line is ready for backup. I need to isntall backup server in their network and then back all the pcs on that backupserver...Thats the project i need to complete.

    Thanks so much guys i know this site has helped me alot before.

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    Re: Backup System Selection

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      Re: Backup System Selection

      We'll need some more information than you've provided.
      • Do they have another server besides the one you are installing?
      • What do you need to backup on each PC (Just My Docs, entire drive etc)
      • Are they going to have a tape drive in the server?
      • Why backup over the network to a remote server rather than onto tape?

      I'd go Windows 2K3 on the server, hard drives in RAID5 for preference but at the very least mirrored. Use group policy to redirect each users My Documents folder to a network share on the server.

      If you are backing up data only you can probably get away with using ntbackup. It's not brilliant but it'll do the job at no extra cost. BackupExec is much better and more featured, but expensive. However if you have Exchange servers or anything other than straight data to backup you'll probably need it.
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