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  • DFS failure

    When I try to set up a DFS on two servers. The first (master) is windows server 2003 standard edition, the second is windows server 2003 R2 enterprise edition.

    I'm able to set the start and end location, then it tells me I need to configure the replication something. I click on ok, I'm able to choose which one should be the master and then I've tried using ring. Then I get an error(translated from german):

    Replicationbatch could not be completed : Not enough memory is available

    At first I thought the mistake was that it didn't have enough space on the harddriver to buffer the folder. I then put a new harddrive selected it in the replication configuration part as a buffer, it didn't help. I then checked the physical memory, and the comp only has 512 mbytes. I thought if I increased the virtual memory it might work. I've increased virtual memory to 4996 Mbytes. 4 gigs on a seperate partition on the new HDD I just built in, and 1 from before. Any ideas?

    If there's someway of migrating all the user data to the new server and using it as the main domain controller a couple links to how to set that up would be great. I could get it done on the weekend when no ones using their accounts.
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