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Server hostname same as domain name

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  • Server hostname same as domain name

    I have a stand-alone Win2K3 server running Exchange that I would like to respond to the FQDN where the hostname is provided by my company DNS.

    This was the first windows server I've ever setup so I told it to use the FQDN as it's domain, and it decided that the emailserver should then be which does not resolve outside the LAN. Whenever Outlook attempts to connect to the server checks the user name and replies to Outlook indicating that it should try the address to connect to the server.

    How can I convince the server to use the same hostname as the "domain" it thinks it's managing?

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    Re: Server hostname same as domain name

    Your typical MS Active Directory domain would be different to your external domain.


    Internal: domain.local

    You can configure Exchange to accept mail for using Exchange System Manager.
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      Re: Server hostname same as domain name

      Is there an easy way to reconfigure the domain to reflect this after the fact? I'd love to use subdomain.local as my domain and as my external host/exchange server name.

      Do I have to reinstall to do this?