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Delete Files ACL (Windows 2003 x Vista)

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  • Delete Files ACL (Windows 2003 x Vista)

    Hi all, this is a hard one.

    I have in my organization, a security policy in my shared folders that says that only one certain group can delete files on an specific folder, users that are not in that group, can read and write in the files, but cannot EXCLUDE (DELETE) them.

    This works fine on Windows XP clients, but on Windows Vista Clients, the users that are not authorized to delete files, can only READ the files, it doesn´t allow them to MODIFY them. Here is an example of the ACL that i use.

    Full Control - blank
    Traverse Folder - Allow
    List Folder - Allow
    Read Attribute - Allow
    Read Extended - Allow
    Create Files - Allow
    Create Folder - Allow
    Write Attibute - Allow
    Write Extended - Allow
    Delete Subfolder and Files - Deny
    Delete - Deny
    Read Permissions - Allow

    Any help?
    Nivaldo Soraggi Fernandes

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    Re: Delete Files ACL (Windows 2003 x Vista)

    What type of file?


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      Re: Delete Files ACL (Windows 2003 x Vista)

      Any kind of files and folders. The access restriction is aplied in all the contents of an especific root folder.