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Static route and mail delivery (2003)

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  • Static route and mail delivery (2003)


    Just a quickie for the pros.

    Currently we have a proxy server internally which applies all of our filtering etc. This machine has its default gateway set to our dedicated mail line (the address for the mail gateway is and exchange forwards all of its mail using an SMTP Connector through this proxy and then forwards it all out through the dedicated mail line gateway.

    We also have a dedicated internet line, which all other servers (including exchange) have their default gateway set to. (the address is Everything works fine, well, sort of.

    I am currently in the process of moving our mail cleanliness service to an external provider and having our mail go directly to and from our exchange 2003 mail server via two SMTP Connectors to two external MXs which then pass on our mail onto the internet. Now, the mail must all pass through (in and out) the gateway (along with several other services which i am yet to add) rather than the gateway which the exchange server is set to.

    I need the default gateway of exchange to stay as but need all SMTP and POP3S traffic to flow to JUST these two MX servers through the gateway.

    My understanding of default gateways is that if it is set to but a request comes from the gateay the machine will ignore it as it has not come from its standard default gateway?

    Is this something i can rectify using static routes? I can't remember the syntax of static routes either, if I'm honest. I will need to perform this action on anther machine at some point too as it will also host particular services via the second gateway to these two IPs/hostnames.

    I should point out that the traffic routing to the gateway is PURELY to the two IPs/hostnames for the MX servers.

    Can anyone help? Hope it makes sense.

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    Re: Static route and mail delivery (2003)

    I'm pretty sure you can just, like you said, create a persistent route for traffic specifically to that range/ip

    route add mask x.x.x.2 /p
    Obviously the above is a /24 so a bit big but you get the idea.

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      Re: Static route and mail delivery (2003)

      many thanks for the reply.

      i successfully managed to get mail routing out to just the two MX addresses through the gateway and all other other traffic through the gateway whilst still leaving as the default gateway. almost there.

      if i open a port on the gateway i can't connect to the mail server however. if i change the mail server's default gateway to i CAN connect however.

      is there a way round letting the incoming traffic from connect to the mail server while still having its default gateway as


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        Re: Static route and mail delivery (2003)

        I assume that the x.x.x.2 cannot find the way directly to the mailserver.
        Check it's routing table.
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