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Name Resolution Issue with demand dialing.

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  • Name Resolution Issue with demand dialing.

    Hi Everyone,

    Just a little problem,

    I am trying to set up demand dial vpn, everything is working correctly other than the name resolution for my client machines trying to connect to hosts on subnets using demand dialing. the connection is fine and every client can connect to the network on the other side of the DDVPN, but cant use host names to reslove ip's they have to use the ip's themselves.

    now the strange thing is my DC/DNS server can reslove the host names on the other network using DD fine.

    I have set the DD up in routing and remote access interfaces and NAT/basic filewall.

    Am i missing something? ive tried to read up on this as im not a network specialist or anything and i cant seem to figure it out, ive tried setting up dns forwarders etc but to be honest im not sure where to go on this one and could do with some help!

    Thanks in advance guys.


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    Re: Name Resolution Issue with demand dialing.

    Or if im going in the total wrong direction with using demand dial please let me know.

    all im trying to achieve now is running a vpn i can control (on/off) from the server so that all individual machines dont have to run individual client vpns to get to email server etc. at other site. other site has remote access set up, a TS and a dc/dns server.


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      Re: Name Resolution Issue with demand dialing.

      Sounds as if you need a Site to Site VPN configuring where the two sites subnets will be configured so they will route through to each other.

      With regards to your names issue, I can only assume that the addresses allocated to the VPN connections don't have a DNS set or ports are blocked for the DNS server.