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Unsure about direction on network infastructure

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  • Unsure about direction on network infastructure

    Hi everyone, just a quick outline on my issue at the moment, im not and dont claim to be a network specialist so bear with me.

    I have two offices, one has been set up with a domain consisting of a few servers with server 2003 r2 printers exchange etc. everything is fine. (NO VPN)

    my second office is smaller, has a sonicwall router handling the dns, dhcp, internet etc. network is a workgroup. max 15 users. im adding more than the router says it can handle which is fine, so im thinking of moving onto a server 2003 r2 with DC on this aswell.

    My questions are,

    1. if i impliment a domain at office 2 with the same domain name as office 1 (so swapping laptops from office to office is seamless) will it work firstly?

    2. can machines that are not set up to use a domain still plug into this and quickly obtain internet access?

    3. if it does work, if a user is at office 1 loggs off everything is fine, plugs into office two, connects to domain for first time, are the user files, documents etc cleared as to what the office 2 DC thinks they should be, or does it just sync as it moves around so the laptop allways has the most up to date files?

    as you can tell i have alot of grey areas of knowledge here so if anyone can steer me right i would greatly appreciate it.

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    Re: Unsure about direction on network infastructure

    Is there a connection between the two sites? If not, do you anticipate one?


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      Re: Unsure about direction on network infastructure

      No, Due to the Differences in offices that is not something i want to do. thanks for quick reply.


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        Re: Unsure about direction on network infastructure

        If there is no connection between the office, separate domains with the same name will cause more problems than its worth. Computers will not automatically connect to the other domain.

        Why dont you want to have both offices part of the same domain (or domain tree or forest)?
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          Re: Unsure about direction on network infastructure

          that would mean a hardware VPN right? because of the nature of the two offices its kind of two different companies, there is no need for each office to connect to each others resources if you know what i mean so it seems like a waste of cash. if you have any suggestions on how i can do this any other way, basically, all i want to do is manage the second office with a domain, they can be called different domains theres no problem in that, i just want emplyees at office1 to be able to come and connect to office2 but still be able to access there files they have in there user profile like my documents etc on there laptop. this is all i want to acheive. so you can swap between one office and the other and still have access to all your files. So a way of being able to do this without too much hassle is what im aiming for.

          At the moment like i said if office1 employee comes to office2 its fine, they log in using there domain log in and password (obviously not connecting to a domain but lets them log into windows) and they can access there files no problem. i want to keep this functionality but run a managed network at office 2.

          I hope im not confusing you and sorry again for not being very knowledgable.


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            Re: Unsure about direction on network infastructure

            Then you want two separate domains with different names. Otherwise you'll run into more issues than you like, especially if you want to maintain the ease of use that you currently have. If you create a same domain for both, say bird.local and office1 employee comes to office2, where there is also a bird.local domain, then office1 employee will have problems authenticating. The computer will see the same name but the ID's will all be wrong. If the nature of the two offices are different, then you can easily do two domains. If you ever join the two, you can create a two-way trust to facilate everything.


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              Re: Unsure about direction on network infastructure

              excellent, ok, so thats sorted that, but with the user profiles etc and files and folders.

              office1 users when they log onto domain in office2, they will have the same username? (if i set it up like that) will that work? and will it open the same profile? no it wont will it because the domain will be different....

              is there no way to do this other than have two seperate log ins and two seperate sets of files and folders?


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                Re: Unsure about direction on network infastructure

                Create a trust--but then you need a connection between the two.

                If you create the same username you may have the problem fo the users logging in with the cached credentials of the wrong domain. If I'm in office1 and I log in as office1\user I may not remember to log in as office2\user. Not impossible to do, but you will need to train them if you do it that way. Either way, they will have two different profiles on their computers. user.office1 and user.office2. They may not remember where they saved what. You could have them logged in with just their cached credentials and then have them access the resources as needed at the other office when they are there, but if you create a username/password they will need to make sure it is synchronized on both sides (provided you are enabling some type of password policy).