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System volume E Drive?

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  • System volume E Drive?

    Hi. Just joined the forum. Can anyone help me understand and remedy the following. Built new system today with Asus Mboard/AthlonXP 2400/512 DDR and 60Gb Exelstor HDD. HDD on Primary as master , LG CDRW on secondary as master & Iomega Zip as slave. Loaded start up floppy disks for WinXPpro which partitioned, formatted & set up OS without a hitch. When I started to load software, I notice that the C: drive is being called E:, and that the Zip is C:. Have checked the MS tech site for changing the letters around but am concerned I will have to reload everything if the partition won't boot after the change. Anyone know why this happened and any easy fix? Built many systems but never had this one before!



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    Use Partition Magic. It has the option to rebuild all of the old links to the new drive letter.
    Eli Leibzon


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      I have seen this alot with a system with ZIP drives. When installing, I don't even leave the ZIP drive plugged in anymore. I install Windows and then hook up the ZIP drive to let it get a drive letter afterwards.


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        Being and ASUS MOBO, that a VIA setup. Zip Drives will always become C: Drive under XP. You will have to go into Management and reset these to your likeing. Right click my computer and go to manage, then Disk management. in the white area of the drive Right click and go to change drive Letter. Remove all drive Letters and then Resign them. Do this on ALL your Drives. From there you can go back and set your Hard Drive as C: CD-ROM as D: etc. BTW, Do go to
        and get there NEW software for Your Zip Drive. It does make a differance.
        XP like to drop the ball at times with a Zip drive. Also,be sure to look for the System Hang patch for Zips. Not sure if its for XP. But under 9x OS VIA MOBO, it Great. ENJOY. Happy Holidays
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