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Configuring Isolate Users Using Active Directory Mode

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  • Configuring Isolate Users Using Active Directory Mode

    Hi to everyone, since I'm new here...

    I need to ask a question about an FTP server,
    I have created an FTP server using the option to Isolate Users using active directory.
    The thing is that in this case, home directory for every ftp user is created automatically if you enable the specific option in user's profile from the Active Directory console (according to Microsoft).
    But even after creating the ftp server I see no relative option so that I can assign anything to users profiles. The ftp server is a member of my domain, but NOT a domain controller.

    So, actually, my question is this:
    Do I have to set the FTP server on the Domain Controller in order for the relative options (configure ftp home dirs for users) to appear?
    Or I'm just doing something wrong??
    P.S.: I'm doing this with Windows Server 2003 - AD is also 2003

    Thanks in advance..
    Greetings from Greece,
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    Re: Configuring Isolate Users Using Active Directory Mode

    Nobody knows?


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      Re: Configuring Isolate Users Using Active Directory Mode

      Presumably you're using IIS as your FTP server?

      I would recommend against setting it up on a domain controller, as this will mean that all of your FTP users accounts are also domain user accounts.
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        Re: Configuring Isolate Users Using Active Directory Mode

        Hi, if you follow this guide and create the users file under the domain name under the ftproot\domainname\username and have normal Isolation mode choose then when the users access the ftp server they will be dropped into their user directory.
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          Re: Configuring Isolate Users Using Active Directory Mode

          I do not know what you have been reading, but don't quit get what you are trying to achive. The FTP server option is a part of IIS. With FTP you can provide access to data, which user can access using the FTP protocol. You can set ways of authentication, and one of these is Windows Integrated authentication.
          Configuring a home drive in the user object will not create a FTP share to that folder.
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