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  • SP1 Windows 2003 RDC

    Hello people,

    Anybody else find that they now have a problem with using Remote desktop to Windows server 2003 after installing Service pack 1?

    I get an error when trying to login:

    The instruction at "8345783598357" reference menory at "45345453". The memeory could not be "read"

    Thise number are differen't to what is specified in the eror message.

    No infomation about this problem on the net that I could find.

    Thanks for any help.

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    oops, I think I should have posted this in a different forum. Sorry about that.

    my bad


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      ok, thanks for the hundreds of replys.

      I formated and started again which indeed fixed the problem lol.


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        Did you reinstall Service Pack 1 after formatting? Just out of interest
        UK Newbie!


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          After the Format and Windows was setup, I did the usually INF drivers, graphics etc etc then installed SP1.

          I was going to install SP1 AFTER AD and Exchange setup but did it the other way round, alot of admins hadn't tried this before I don't think (that's the impression I get).

          After SP1 was installed (this is on 2003 Enterprise edition by the way), Exchange concluded that it had knows issues with 'this' version of Windows. Which I already knew about and had used default install paths anyway so continued. No problems during or after install (as of yet).

          God knows what my original problem was but was fully prepared to carry out the work so no big deal. Perhaps wasted alot of time.

          Hope that answers your question?