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RRAS Server for PPTP VPN

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  • RRAS Server for PPTP VPN

    Hello all,

    My internal network is a W2k domain. My PDC and SDC both have Active Directory, DNS, and DHCP running. I connect to the internet and 1 remote site on T1 using an IPSEC tunnel with Cisco 1811 routers at each end. Internet browsing for clients use their respective gateways. I also have a windows 2003 server with Active Directory and DNS running on it. I have a static internet ip block for a DSL router. The 2003 server has 1 NIC facing the DSL router with a public IP address and one facing the internal network. I ran the RRAS wizard for the VPN setup and remote clients (there are 5 of them) can authenticate and connect to the internal network. Here is the problem I am having. When remote clients try to connect to the ERP (sql driven) they can't connect to the db with the server name specified. They can only connect to it if the ip address is used. Also, they can only stay connected to the VPN for anywhere from 1 minute, to twenty minutes. The vpn connection keeps dropping. My ISP says there is no break in connection from the router to the internet, so that leads me to look for a reason internally. I do not have NAT configured in RRAS, does this need to be done? What else could I be overlooking?

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    Re: RRAS Server for PPTP VPN

    You surely have a DNS problem.
    Specify the internal DNS server in the VPN TCP-IP connection at the client.

    About you second question.
    Are you sure that the VPN is disconnecting?
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      Re: RRAS Server for PPTP VPN

      That is the strange part. The DNS information is in the on the client. And yes, when the connection terminates, the user has to re-authenticate to get back on the network.


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        Re: RRAS Server for PPTP VPN

        have you tried adding the servername/IP address to lmhosts on the clients?
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