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Best method to upgrade Server 2003

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  • Best method to upgrade Server 2003


    I am looking for the best upgrade method to use to move one of my 2003 servers to new hardware. It is a DC and provides file and print. I was planning on using the File Migration Wizard and the Microsoft Print Migrator. I wish to keep the server name the same so everyone's folder shares and printers will remain the same. Should I move everything over to the new server first and then use the netdom procedure to change the server name?
    ( - thanks for this article - very well done!

    Will the printers show up the same as they did before or should I change the server names first and then move the files and printers over?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Best method to upgrade Server 2003

    You could just use a new name and setup an A/CNAME record so that whenever someone connects to the old name it connects to the new server.
    You will need this KB though.

    I know the print migrator works really well. If you find some don't show afterwards then restarting the spooler service usually fixes that.

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      Re: Best method to upgrade Server 2003

      An option to consider and don't let the name put you off. Works from NT4.0 and up.
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