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Windows 2003 server

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  • Windows 2003 server

    After having a HD failure on a PC running Windows NT4 server which was acting as a domain controller, I upgraded to Windows 2003. No Problems Installin, recovering etc. The issue is that we also have a Server running 2000 which communictes with the DC, users access a web based SQl facility on the 2000 server, is possible to access but not when I use the 2000 server name - I have to use the IP address, which prompts for username and password, also runs very very slow, which again has only happened since upgrade. Checke Internet and can only see things about trusts, authentification and forests, any help please.

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    (very informative message subject, don't you think? makes you just wanna hop in and see if you can help, huh?)

    Anyway, name resolution issues are probably your case. Check DNS and WINS, but I suspect a faulty DNS setup. Give us more info if you want us to look into it.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      DNS WINS

      Had to configure using Win NT4 naming convention i.e admin_server, said that it didnt like underscore so maybe your right, problem is that the server also connects to a thin client server and 2000 server grabs data from SQL7 database from Thin client server, very complicated but we are a school and things dont really get planned in schools in England anyway they dont.

      DNS is setup on server I think, but not sure of what to do with WINS


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        You shouldn't really need WINS unless you have Pre Windows 2000 clients, but DNS is critical in AD.

        On a client ensure that you can

        a) Ping hostname (and correctly resolves).
        b) Ping FQDN (")
        c) Goto cmd prompt, type nslookup.

        Ensure nslookup connects to your DNS server
        then type "set type=srv"
        then type your domain name. (i.e.

        Ensure output from nslookup correctly points to your primary name server.

        If you are still having issues you can checkout your DC with DCDIAG.exe

        Hope this helps
        * Shamelessly mentioning "Don't forget to add reputation!"


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          Will try this solution thanks -

          The page I am trying to access is an ASPX page on a Windows 2000 server, can access it using IP address of sever but not name, get an arror that says something about IIS, have installed this and still no joy.

          Can I get back to the start.

          Running two servers a Windows NT4 that was the DC, also had a Windows 2000 server that arrived after, this was connected to NT4 server and a run our attendance system (BROMCOM - if you have heard of it!!). The NT 4 system just acted a gateway to the 2000 server adn the 2000 srever grabbed data from it overnight. All was fine nutil around 3 weeks ago when the NT4 gave up the ghost. No probs we thought, we had a spare server (why can schools do that - have a 4k piece of kit just sitting there!) anyway - setup this server as Windows 2003 - no prblems, except the warning that said didnt really like name admin_server but had to keep this as it was how thw 2000 server saw the nt4 server.

          What has happend - cannot access the 2000 server with its server name, have to use IP address of NIC on 2000 server and - this promts for a Username and Password, which is not what it should do as it is authenticated by user logon, think I can fix this in Intranet security, secondly - the system seems to be running extremely slowly - as though it is looking all over the place for the web page, used to load in around 10 seconds now looking at around 2-3 minutes to load up.

          Thats it - obviously this is some issue between 2000 and 2003, can map drive from both server to each other, can ping IP addresses - getting a bit desperate - Have Remote support for 2000 server but they just say it is to do with the new server


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            Are you running AD on the 2003 server?
            Has the 2000 server been added into AD?
            Is there an A Record in 2003 server DNS for the 2000 server?
            Is the 2000 server pointing to the 2003 server's DNS?
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              Running AD on 2003 server, cannot seem to get to add 2000 server to domain, all clients have a DNS domain name of machinename.servernamebut 2000 server doesnt want to seem to add to AD. Clients are automatically added when they connect to domain, through network connection wizard in XP pro, but cannot do it with 2000 server, what must I do?


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                Have you "removed" the 2000 server from the old domain or are you just trying to re-add it?
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                  DNS problem

                  Thanks for all the replies - this problem is sorted, truns out that windows 2003 will not accept names with what are called invalid characters e.g. the name admin_server, even though it will and only gives a warning, the DNS could not resolve the ip and name. Solution was to run dcpromo to uninstall AD then dcpromo again to reinstall AD and configure DNS, it was at this point it would not go any further with admin_server, not warning just point blank refused (not really the place to do that I think, maybe should have done that when doing initial install), but who cares now.

                  Thanks for all the replies and advice - cheers