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Backing up 2003 Server to Removable Disk?

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  • Backing up 2003 Server to Removable Disk?

    Hello - I am new here and thought I would reach out for some assistance. Our LTO tape drive died last night and I have already replaced it twice. I am getting a new backup system and am leaning towards removable disk. Anybody have any experience with this?

    I have narrowed it down to a few products. One was recommended to me by a consulting company ( I think they're Teralyte product would be the best fit because of the amount of data we are backing up.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!


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    Re: Backing up 2003 Server to Removable Disk?

    How much data are we talking about?

    Our company moved away from LTO about 5 years ago. Sure the media (tape) is cheap & portable, but sloooow & linear restores?

    We now have portable NAS in our office & a SAN in a data centre next door.

    There are many many D2D backup solutions out there.


    Backup Exec,

    Storage craft ,

    Just to name a few.