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Routing Problem

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  • Routing Problem

    Hi there,

    In my organization I have one Server 2K3 DC that has 2 NIC's:

    192 NIC:
    ----------- (For The DNS)

    62 NIC:
    ---------- (My Cisco) (For The DNS)

    I wanted that all my worksations inside the organization will use the "192 NIC" as there Default Gateway so i have configured the RRAS service so the "192 NIC" will be my private interface that connected to a private network and the "62 NIC" as my public interface that connected to the internet (NAT Enabled with no firewall).

    So far everything is working good! well, not everything...
    When a workstation with IP address of is pinging to a workstation i get a solid REPLAY but if i go the reverse way around (62 try to ping to a 192) i get REQUEST TIMED OUT.

    I'm guessing that it's something to do with my routing configuration but i don't really know where to start...

    10X All!!
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    Re: Routing Problem

    Thats normal for a NAT. If you want to ping servers behind the NAT you need to do some port mapping.


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      Re: Routing Problem

      can u help me with that?


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        Re: Routing Problem

        Withen RRAS goto IPv4\NAT, right click the public interface and select properties then the Services and Ports tab.