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  • Printer Driver

    We have a printer driver that we think has become corrupted.
    I have deleted the printer and also removed it from the server properties in the print server properties driver tab.

    When we reinstall the new driver it still does not work on this particular server. We installed it on a test windows 2003 server and it works fine.

    IS there more to removing a printer driver then what I have already done?

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    Re: Printer Driver

    I don't think Windows discards the files when you remove the printer. Try...

    Right Click printer > Properties > Adbanced (I think) > New Driver

    try reinstalling the driver or better getting an updated one from the internet.
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      Re: Printer Driver

      Did you try install another pc that run with xp ? i mean are you sure problem occured at driver or on the computer ? can you check printspooler services on that xp computer is it running or not ? to make sure try to install another computer that run with xp.


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        Re: Printer Driver

        1) To completely remove the driver, look up the "Kyocera Driver Deleter". It's a tiny little EXE that will allow you not only to remove a driver completely but also detects orphaned files and reg keys and allows them to be deleted.

        2) Before deciding that the printer driver is corrupt, make sure you set the print processor for this printer to "WinPrint" (Printer Properties, Advanced Tab, Print Processor button). The wrong print processor causes some very strange problems.

        Don't forget - a printer driver on a server is re-used for every instance of that make and model printer... is it REALLY true that ALL of that model printer on the server have the same symptom?

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