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  • Disaster Recovery Planning

    Hi dear members,

    I m planning a disaster recovery plan. Our customer wants to keep safe their servers (dc , exch. sql) etc... at the another location for disaster cases.when a problem occure in this city, they want to keep alive this servers at the another location immediately. For example eartquake occured and exchage server is down , in this case other server which is working must replace that exchange failed. How can i accomplish this without using third party program ?


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    Re: Disaster Recovery Planning

    Without using 3rd party apps? Are they telling you that you can't spend any money on it?

    To generalise, you can't have complete and immediate access without 3rd party apps (or methods shall we say). Your first problem is getting the data over there for example. SAN replication (and other methods) will require purchasing of something.

    DC's can replicate over links so you can have an AD but Exchange 2003 (assuming not 2007) has no built in method to replicate for example.

    I think you need to ask the business what they specifically want to achieve and then do a full discovery and plan of what is involved (machines, locations, link speeds, application owners, stakeholders etc just to name a few).

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      Re: Disaster Recovery Planning

      Actually they are ready to spend money. Its not important , just i want to know can i do it without using 3 party programs.if It is not far , to make it may be possible using high availability cluster maybe. But there is distance.. can i do it over the frame relay channel ?