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time server on Windows 2003 server

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  • time server on Windows 2003 server

    ok, here's my setup: one domain, 8 locations. At one locations I have the FSMO DC holder, the other locations are GC DC. I want to setup the master DC as the 'internal' time server and have the remote DC's go to that time server for updates and have the workstations for that site go to the DC's located at that site. I've played with the master DC registry and got no where. I set the master DC as NTP and the others(remote DCs and workstations) as NT5DS(as per some tutorials). When I run the command: w32tm /resync /rediscoverfrom either a remote DC or workstation I get the error 'The computer did not resync because no time data was available.' Has anyone been successful setting this up using the DC's internal clock? or should I just stick to an external source? If you have been successful pulling this off please explain how you accomplished this. thanks
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    Re: time server on Windows 2003 server

    With a single domain the pdc emulator should be setup to sync an external source if at all possible. Are there any firewalls involved that could be blocking traffic.

    Might be good to read the doc from here too?

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      Re: time server on Windows 2003 server

      thanks for your reply. It looks like from everything I've read and from your post setting up an external source is the way to go. Have you done this on your network? I did read somewhere that MS recommends using an internal clock due to authentication issues??? anyway, tomorrow I will try this setup
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        Re: time server on Windows 2003 server

        In that case you didn't read the article completely

        What you should do is to configure your PDC emulator to sync with an External timeserver.
        Then your clients and other servers should sync with the PDC emulator.
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