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Unexpected Shutdown Windows 2003 Tools

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  • Unexpected Shutdown Windows 2003 Tools

    I have a server that loves to shut down unexpectedly,

    What are my options for trouble shooting this
    the shutdown log folder is empty and my event viewer only says that my server had an unexpected shutdown

    Tools, Logs, Debug I can set up?

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    Re: Unexpected Shutdown Windows 2003 Tools

    Use Windows Debugging tools to analyze memory dump file.
    If you have brand name server, try using diagnostic tools recommended by manufacture.
    Also try logging system events via GPO.

    Good luck


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      Re: Unexpected Shutdown Windows 2003 Tools

      As suggested, install Windbg and analyze the crash dumps in c:\windows\minidump with !analyze -v.


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        Re: Unexpected Shutdown Windows 2003 Tools

        This behavior can be caused by hardware or by software.
        Hardware issues:
        What kind of hardware are we talking about about? Certain manufacturers have tools for in-depth hardware monitoring(like HP's IML, that sits on the mobo itself and is OS independent).
        Is your server backed up by any kind of UPS? Are there other servers/computers/electronic devices plugged in the same socket/power line? Do they behave properly?
        Software issues:
        What OS are you using (I know this post is in 2003 forum, but you don't say anything about it )? What role has this server? Is it a printers server, by any chance?
        Has this anomaly started after you changed anything? Updated drivers, application installation, something similar?
        How often is "loves to" ?

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          Re: Unexpected Shutdown Windows 2003 Tools

          Also if you have HP server with ILO, it could give useful info
          Use crossover cable and connect to ILO, or if it configured on your network, use patch cable to connect to it. Username and password must be inside of server if you lost little card that is usually at the back of server