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Two gateways on one domain?. Possible?

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  • Two gateways on one domain?. Possible?

    Basically we are moving over to a domain based infrastructure from our present working group with Exchange as well. We are presently planning to use two ADSL lines. One will be a static for the Exchange and the other will be a dynamic for Internet access. Due to the nature of our business an SEO. We will require a dynamic IP for internet access, which occasionally requires a re-boot. Is there a way that we can configure this to work with essentially two gateways. Are there any simple ways to set this up?. I.e could we use the proxy settings under internet explorer to get them to go out through dynamic assigned ASDL router?.

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    Re: Two gateways on one domain?. Possible?

    Router #1:
    Router #2:

    Only give router 2 as a gateway on your Exchange Server. Give router 1 to the rest of the network.

    I know the Draytek 2820 has dual WAN ports. I'm not 100% sure but I think you could configure that to route only certain LAN requests over a certain port. It can also use a 3G data network for internet backup.
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      Re: Two gateways on one domain?. Possible?

      in one of my previous jobs, I decided to move the smtp traffic away from the rest of the network, configured an ADSL line, and simply pointed the checkpoint FW to direct all port 25 comms to another gateway
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