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Scheduled tasks in WinXP

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  • Scheduled tasks in WinXP

    Hi all
    I have a serious problem with scheduled tasks in WinXP.
    I have 2 customers with installed tape-streamer, scheduling a cmd-script with full backup. It worked for 1/2 year, but now I get a "return-code" 0x80 instead of 0x0, which indicates a succesfull job. In schedlog.txt the job starts at the scheduled time, but stops imidiately after with "the job succeeded with returncode of (80)".
    Another job gives a "returncode of (65)", 0x65 i scheduled tasks instead of 0x0.
    Does anyone know, what´s the problem, or does anuone know where to find the returncodes??
    Microsoft won´t give it to me, because the machine(s) are OEM versions.
    They would be payed by 3500 DKK (466€)

    Regards from Denmark

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    Re: Scheduled tasks in WinXP

    Might have the solution.


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      Re: Scheduled tasks in WinXP


      Are you running AT or Scheduled Tasks as these are different in their behavior?

      The link posix99 mentioned seems to apply to AT.

      The standard MS link mentions nothing about 0x080:

      So I'm old and I know a thing or two (on a good day). What MS fails to tell you is if your program kicks out an errorlevel, that is reflected in the Last Result.

      So I download the following (as I have long ago lost my Turbo Pascal 3 version of this "

      And I make the following CMD file:

      ERRORLVL 128
      I then schedule this to run under my account and I get an 0x80 result. Experiment with it all you like. Fact is whatever you're scheduling is returning an error code -- doesn't necessarily mean an error.


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        Re: Scheduled tasks in WinXP

        I ran into a similar problem from a network I inherited. All these drives were mapped and NTbackup would back up the network drives. Then one day the backups failed.

        You could log on to the backup server and the startup script would map the drives and then you could run NTbackup manually. However, if you tried doing this through a scheduled task, the job started failing one day.

        As it turns out, when the job runs as a task, the network drives are not created. We had to modify the backup script to delete and recreate the network drives and then run NTbackup with the command line switches all with the same script.

        I don't know why this started to happen, but this was my solution prior to purchasing this customer Backup Exec 10d.
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