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  • Lab setup

    I am using vmware workstation to setup a lab environment; however I have ran into a problem in the initial setup.

    I have setup so far.

    1 win2k3 server as a DC on the domain w/ as its private ip, I have AD installed w/ DNS

    1 win2k3 server *to be later setup as my ISA server* w/ as its ip.

    1 xp machine setup w/ as its ip.

    However when I try and join the domain using either the xp machine or the ISA win2k3 server it will not let me saying "domain Unavailable", I have also tried pinging the DC from those two machines and it comes back as timing out.

    I am stumped as what would be the problem, I have looked online for help but not much luck with that

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    Re: Lab setup

    When you were setting up the NIC options on the Vmwares, which option did you choose? Bridge, NAT, send traffic out through host NIC? Are all Vmwares online when you are tryng to between them? Can you ping from the host server/pc to the client guest operating systems?

    Also, you will need to make the dns server tcp ip settings on the XP & ISA the ip of the DC if you wantthem to join the domain.