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  • Pagefile

    Has anyone ever seen a pagefile that will not go away. I have the system properties to have a page file on the d: with a max/min size of 1.5GB. The c: is configured not to have a page file. Even though c: is configure not to have a pagefile the system is producing and using a pagefile file sized at 790MB on c:. I have set to c: to use a pagefile, rebooted, disabled pagefile on c: and rebooted to see if that will somehow clean up the confusion with no luck. Any ideas????

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    I've seen this with Symantec AV Corp. If you have it set to load on system startup it will not let the page file be deleted. Change it to load on Symantec AV start up and it will go away.

    If that's not your problem let us know.

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      I am using CA's E-Trust AV 7.1 for anti-virus protection. This is only haivn g on one of my Windows 2003 servers. This sever stores our new mortgage software that was installed about a month ago. I think it might be something with that software and I'm just know noticeing it. If I remove the pagefile on D: and resize the one on C: it works correctly. Something requires a pagefile on C:, but I'm not sure what or why. I know windows likes to have a pagefile on C: for dumps, but that shouldn't be it.