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Setup DHCP for Additional Network

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  • Setup DHCP for Additional Network

    Dear all

    First post here, hoping someone can help if poss as this has been bugging me a while..

    We have
    1 x DHCP server
    2 x DNS Servers
    2 x DCs

    DHCP issues addresses from a scope


    We also have a wireless network of laptops which opperates on a different network and subnet.


    All of These addresses for the wireless network are all statically assigned at the moment and this is getting somewhat painfull.

    Basically is it possible to configure my DHCP server to issue the addresses to my wireless network..? If so How will DHCP differentiate a Wirless request from a standard network request..?


    And thanks for any help.

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    Re: Setup DHCP for Additional Network

    This is not really a Windows 2000/2003 related question, it's more a network question.

    You have to enable a DHCP helper on your wireless router and add an extra scope to the DHCP server.

    When a computer on the Wireless network requests an IP address, the DHCP helper will insert a "Gateway interface address" in the DHCP request and forward the request to the DHCP server, this will tell the DHCP server which IP scope to use when handing out an IP address.