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  • Taskpad Mmc

    Hi there,

    i have successfully created a Taskpad to allow users to reset passwords. I still however have not been successfull in disabling the right click feature to give user the ability to become an 'Author' any ideas? would this be a policy thing or have i missed something obvious?

    Also have followed the article;EN-US;q294952

    to enable end user to unlock accounts, is this the best way?

    thanks in advance for your help


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    Re: Taskpad Mmc

    if u chose file - > options on the mmc
    u can chose in the console mode - user mode - limited access

    about the unlock account, u can find here in petri
    a script taht can be launched when u right click on an object

    yet if anyone can give me a reason whats the point of making a custom mmc
    we still needs to install admin pack on the station
    and we give this option to a help desk users
    that have knowlage of administrative tools and dsa.msc

    it was best practic if m$ would make it work with unc path