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DFS Problem Event ID 13506

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  • DFS Problem Event ID 13506


    I have serious problem with the Distributes File System on a Windows 2003 SP2 Server. Thera are two server replicating files in the domain. I got the following error in the event viewer under the file replication service:

    The File Replication Service failed a consistency check
    (!CmdWaitFlagIs(Cxtion->CommTimeoutCmd, CMD_PKT_WAIT_FLAGS_ONLIST))
    in "FrsFreeType:" at line 2534.

    The File Replication Service will restart automatically at a later time. If this problem persists a subsequent entry in this event log describes the recovery procedure.
    For more information about the automatic restart right click on My Computer and then click on Manage, System Tools, Services, File Replication Service, and Recovery.
    For more information, see Help and Support Center at
    After this event there is an event that the File Replication service stopped, and another that the file replication service stopped without cleaning up. After half an hour the replication service starts again and then fails again.

    Thanks for help

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    Re: DFS Problem Event ID 13506

    It says it is valid for 2000 not 2003 but this KB (LINK) may be worth a read for info. Can all servers see each other correctly, is DNS etc working correctly and are there firewalls/av involved?

    Then there is this (LINK) which seems worth a try?

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      Re: DFS Problem Event ID 13506

      Are your servers 2003 R2 as well?

      If so it's worthwhile to switch to the new version of DFS that uses the DFS Replication Service and not the older File Replication Service.

      Once we switched things ran a lot more smoothly, especially when dealing with larger data sets and the initial replication period.
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