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Having troubles restricting internet access for OU

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  • Having troubles restricting internet access for OU

    Hello we have a group of computers we wish to not have any internet access. Of course they are networked and do need access to internal exchange server and file server, printers etc on the intranet. Windows Server 2003 Std all computers involved are XPpro_sp3

    I've used the following to guide me

    I created an OU specifically for this purpose to drop computers into and out of as needed and moved a computer from 'computers' and into the 'no internet' OU to test. Did a reboot on that computer, yet they still hade internet access.

    Being as we have a gateway to the internet within the intranet ip I then diabled the Intranet IP filter that was set to allow to see if that would deny the internet access. Rebooted test compute in the OU and still had internet access.

    Any guesses as to what I did wrong or incomplete?