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2 global catalogs in domain?

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  • 2 global catalogs in domain?

    We have 2 domain controllers: 1st is primary and Global catalog, 2nd is additional domain controller. If I make the 2nd controller global catalog, is it right? So, it will give me a chance to have 2 global catalogs on one domain.
    YES or NO, please, explain.


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    Re: 2 global catalogs in domain?

    You can have as many as you want. There are certain requirements regarding multiple domains but as you only have 2, personally, I would make them both GCs.

    Have a read here (LINK)

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      Re: 2 global catalogs in domain?

      Do you have a single site, single domain network, fast and less than 4 exchange mailbox servers? Then you can savely add or remove additional Global Catalog servers on your site.
      The Global Catalog is critical for the network, redundacy Global Catalog servers can be advisable, but you must take things into consideration or you could loose much of the network performance by just placing gc servers on a more complexed netwok:


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