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    This is my first post, so i'd like to say hello to everyone first. Now the nicieties are out of the way, time for business.

    We are running a win server 2003 AD infrastructure with our forest level set to 2003. We have 2 domain controllers for this domain both running win 2003 enterprise version. We recently had a problem where all our group policys were deleted, now i know we should have regularly backed them up using the GPMC backup facility but we didn't. We had a backup which was a few generations out of date and eventually we ended up restoring those and made the relevant updates to them. However before we did that i attempted to restore the sysvol folder from our overnight backups in the hope that the poolicies and folders would be restored. Nothing actually happened or so i thought, there were no folders or policies recreated within the sysvol share. Thinking this was a bit strange i restored the sysvol to several different places until i finally realised that the restore job was actually only restoring the sysvol folder and not anything within it. Now like i said earlier we eventually restored the old out of date policies and it all works now, however i now have several instances of sysvol share which all seemed to be linked to each other. I.e. i have the usual sysvol share in the windows folder but i also have one on my desktop, documents and other places i attempted to restore too. I cannot delete them as everytime i try it deletes everything within the folders but not the folder itself.

    So my questions is, how can i remove these extra sysvol folders and only have the one that meant to be in the windows folder?

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    Re: Sysvol Folders

    use unlocker tool ( ), that would delete them , or rename the folder and on the next reboot you would be able to delete it.