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Default User Profiles

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  • Default User Profiles

    I want to create a default user profile to be used whenever a new user logs on to the network.

    Network consists of Windows Server 2003 with XP Pro clients.

    Where do I store the default user profile so that it will work for any new user that logs on?


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    Copy the profile you want to \\domainname\netlogon and rename it Default User. Details are here:;EN-US;168475


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      Did that, but I receive an error that has been unforgiving. The network share has been created that will store the roaming profile and all the appropriate permissions have been given.

      When I try to copy the profile to the network share where I will store the profile, I receive an error message that reads:

      \\server1\NETLOGON aleady exists. The current contents of this directory or this file will be deleted during this operation. Are you sure you want to continue?

      I click "Yes," and then I receive this message:

      Directory <\\server1\NETLOGON> could not be deleted. Please delete the directory and retry.

      I have read many articles on creating roaming user profiles and none of them seem to work.

      Any suggestions?


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        Hi zc31,

        You should use \\server\netlogon\folder for the profile path. Also you should check the share and NTFS permission as well.



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          That is a strange error message. What _exactly_ do you do when you try to copy the profile?


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            Yeah, it ended up with a phone call to Microsoft for 3 hours and still did not solve all of the problems!!!!

            Turns out that one of the problems I had was with the permissions on the shared folder. Apparently, when you set up a shared folder that will be used for profiles, whether roaming or mandatory, you must add the Authenticated Users group to the share.

            Honestly, i read probably every forum and help article in the universe and not one of them ever mentioned adding the Authenticated Users group.

            Anyway, the other problem is that the roaming profile is not updating correctly. Specifically, the desktop wallpaper does not move with the profile. If I change the wallpaper on one computer and then log off, that wallpaper should come up the next time I log on to a different computer. Doesn't work.

            I was trying to establish a default profile so that when a user logs on for the first time, that profile will come up. Then the user will be able to change their settings and save it as a Roamig Profile.

            I also read that the \\server\netlogon\default_user folder should be used for a default profile.

            I'll have to try it out today.