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  • Silent Uninstall and Install


    I would like to silently (i.e no prompts coming up etc) to unistall Office 2007 and then put in its place (again silently) Office 2003. I have to do this on about 150 computers and I don't fancy doing it one by one.

    We are on a Windows Server 2003 domain.

    Thanks very much if you can help

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    Re: Silent Uninstall and Install

    You may be able to write a login scipt to remove MS-Office 2007:

    And then you could use a GPO to deploy MS-Office 2003:

    Why do you want to downgrade?
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      Re: Silent Uninstall and Install

      Thank you for your reply

      Complaints of users mainly. I might not bother but I need to do an unistall of 2007 anyway as I left the proprietary software version on there (the one out of the box) and no-one has a product key for it.

      Thanks again for the info. Very helpful