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administrator assistant - Urgent help is required

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  • administrator assistant - Urgent help is required

    I have assistant who help me with day to day activities of joining users and computer to the domain.

    I have given power user access right along with backup and other access rights, except membership to administrative group.

    which delegation access should I allow to make them as powerful to be able to do these tasks but not as complete administrator?

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    Make him/her account operator, like in the NT4 days. If that is too much power, use the Delegation of Control wizard on the appropriate OU's


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      administrator assistant - Urgent help is requi

      I need more details on this, I made her account operator but its not enough since she joins computers and do installation on computers.

      how to deligate this power.



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        This is pretty straight forward. Open AD U&C right-click the OU and select delegate control. Follow the wizard assigning rights as necessary.

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          Even simpler, just use Account Operators. This group can also manage computer accounts (by default).

          > do installation on computers.

          Ah, a different question. You want her to be a local admin! Simplest way is to create a GPO with a restricted group.