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  • Registry keeps changing

    This may be a stupid question but I need to know if there is a way to lock a certain key in the registry. I spent hours trying to figure out how to get our Oce plotter to function properly after the change to the new server. It would print but not scan to file. After looking through endless FAQ and documentation I had to call Oce. When I did they told me about a registry setting that needs to be changed, which is amazingly no where to be found in any documentation of theirs. After the change everything worked fine but for some reason it keeps changing that setting back. Is there a way to keep it from changing it back? I know it isn't being done manually so the controller on the plotter must be changing it back for some reason. It happens once every day or two so it is already annoying. Thanks in advance.

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    You could set the permissions of the registry key using regedt32 so that only you could change it but everything else had read priviliges.
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      Thanks Tony,

      I took away the "Set Value" permission for SYSTEM. I guess we will see if this fixes the problem.


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        I just wanted to follow up and say that the registry setting has stayed constant and the printer has worked perfectly. Thanks again for the help. I am replying back to a couple of my topics as the the resolution to the problem being successful so others will know if they have the same problem.