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RSM doesn't recognize any media

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  • RSM doesn't recognize any media

    Hello, I have a problem with removable storage manager on W2K3. The RSM doesn't recognize any tape media since I replace my DDS3 tape device with new DDS5.
    I'm sure the problem is somewhere in RSM database, because when I install ARCServ it works fine.
    I tried to create new RSM database, but without any success.
    When I return the old tape device (DDS3) into the server, the RSM database detect all tape media.

    Do you have any suggestion how to force the RSM to detect tape media?

    Thanks a lot

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    Do you have drivers for DDS5 device installed ?
    Guy Teverovsky
    "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"


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      Of course, drivers are installed.
      But I found an article ID 269600 in MS knowledgebase. This article desribes my problem and workaround is decreasing the size of RAM (by /maxmem switch in boot.ini). I decreased my memory to 256MB (from 2GB) and everything was OK. When I increased memory back to 2GB, the problem was back.
      But this article describes this problem for Win 2000 and says that the correction of this was build in SP2 for Win 2000. But my server is Win 2003 . . . . I donť understand . . . .

      Do you have any suggestion?

      Thanks a lot