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Ntbackup hangs on sometimes

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  • Ntbackup hangs on sometimes

    I have a problem with Ntbackup on SBS 2003. I use a script to run ntbackup.exe and this script is activated by scheduled tasks. Sometimes (once or twice a week) this script doesn't work correctly. That means the scheduled task starts, but service Removable storage doesn't start. In task manager I can see process Ntbackup.exe, but this program doesn't run. The size of memory allocation of this process is only about 3MB at that time. When Ntbackup.exe works correctly, the size of its memory allocation is about 20MB.
    When I start this scheduled task by hand everything is OK.

    I'll be glad for nay suggestion.


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    Make sure that any Dependencies that run with NTBackup are also running. I had a similar problem where one of the dependency services was set to Manual and with the wrong combination would stop. Setting the dependent service to Automatic and starting it solved the problem.

    Post back if you find this confusing.
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      I think that ntbackup is dependent only on Removable storage service. And my experience is that this service is stopped every time ntbackup finishes its work. I think this is standard behavior and it doesnť depend on service startup setting.
      That means e.g. on Monday I do first backup, the Removable storage service is stopped after that and on Tuesday it must start again.

      I found in MS konwledgebase that this behavior can occur when somebody is log on the server's console. But this advice didn't help so . . .


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        Are you using Shadow Copy feature in ntbackup ?
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