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Hosted Exchange GAL problems

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  • Hosted Exchange GAL problems

    I am hosting email for about 15 companies on a MS Exchange 2003 server. The problem I am having is: the Global Address List that appears for the various companies includes all users from all 15 companies. These companies are organized into Organizational Units and we are using the custom attributes and LDAP filtering to segregate the users by OU. If I cannot modify these GALs, I at least need to hide the default (?) Global Address List so company's users do not see each other's users. Note: Each company has its own address list that DOES include ONLY its own users.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Re: Hosted Exchange GAL problems

    Yeah ran into that problem myself. You might find these of help.

    This will help you hide the default GAL & ensure that each domain/client/company has its own GAL.

    Over the last year we have been migrating many of our mail clients to Kerio mail server. Its about 1000 times easier to administer & setups each separate domain/client with its own GAL by default.