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Adding 2003 CALS

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  • Adding 2003 CALS


    I bought a Windows Transition Pack for SBS.

    I have the Server installed with Windows 2003 Server R2 Std, but I cant work out how to add the CALS?

    I bought 25 transition user cals in the form of a 20 and a 5 pack.

    In Windows 2003 Server Std, the Licensing applet in Control Panel has Add License greyed out...?

    The CAL Packs I got just contained certificates in each.

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    Re: Adding 2003 CALS

    Have you deactivated the license server on the SBS server?

    Is the service running?

    I believe (might be wrong...........wait.. more than likely will be wrong) that while you are using SBS & making it the licensing server, then all other servers do not need to be licensed. But if you are upsizing to W2k3 Std because you have outgrown the 75 user/device limit I think you may have to move the Primary DC & FSMO roles to the W2K3 server, otherwise any other server you add to the sbs domain will think its part of that 75 user/device limit & that SBS is responsible for all servers licensing needs.