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Collapsing Directories Under Windows Explorer

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  • Collapsing Directories Under Windows Explorer


    So this is a weird problem. I have a customer on a networked XP system attaching to a Windows 2003 member server in a Windows 2003 domain ... amongst other things that server hosts his profile and home shares (it's the way it's set up here, I can't do anything about that).

    I monitored the user's system ... the customer tended to move deep into a directory tree to open specific files and work on them but when he ALT-TAB's back to the explorer window the window directories in it have usually collapsed (as if someone has clicked the "+" at the except that the selected item is the next one in the list (in this case his H: drive, he was on his G: drive). The customer, especially given that he often has multiple explorer & application windows open, finds this very frustrating and given (based on his information) that there are several other users with the same issue it appears to be network related or related to a certain pattern of user behaviour.

    I am the last in long line of analysts to get this call so I was quite pleased that I was able to supply the customer with an acceptable workaround, the use of Windows Explorer's back arrow (top left of window ... he can also use BACKSPACE it seems) which takes him back to his last location in that window BUT I would still like to know why it happens.

    One claim, and the reason why I'm putting this in this forum, is that this is a network issue i.e. caused by short disconnections of the network (I've duplicated this by mapping a drive to the same server, drilling down some way into a random place is the directory structure then disabling my network card) and if so the call needs to be directed to the network guys ... it is possible but I'm not completely convinced it is.

    Anyway ... if anyone has any ideas about this then please dump them here

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