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Renaming a single-label domain

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  • Renaming a single-label domain

    Im planning on renaming my single-label domain. Im unsure as to whether I should rename it as "" or just as "domainname.local". is our internet registered domain name. Any recommendations?


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    Re: Renaming a single-label domain

    It's been general practice in the places I've worked to keep the AD domain and external DNS domain namespaces completely separate. Some of them use their organisation name internally and some don't.

    For instance you could have acme.internal.local as your internal namespace, and as your live internet namespace. This also means that internal and external DNS are hosted on different servers; and you do not need to be able to resolve external names internally except for web browsing; and your ISA boxes can do that for you as far a Internet access is concerned.

    At my current job, if I type "PING" at a command prompt on my workstation, it says "HUH??" - but if I type it into a browser it works fine via the proxy. A really useful setup if you have a locked down (and thereby safe) network.

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      Re: Renaming a single-label domain

      It would be my recommendation to name it "domain.local" or "domain.internal".


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        Re: Renaming a single-label domain

        Thanks. I think Ill go with domain.local.