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Windows cannot access the file gpt.ini

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  • Windows cannot access the file gpt.ini

    I have just encountered a similar problem - "windows cannot access the file gpt.ini ...." when I attempt to add a new user. The event log has many error entries for 1058, every few minutes for the recent weeks.
    I can browse to gpt.ini and open it with notepad - there are only two lines in it.
    I found a suggestion on to create HKLM\software\microsoft\winNT\currentversion\winlo gon\Waitfornetwork - this was not present so I created it with a value of 1 but it made no difference.
    I also ran dfsutil /PurgeMapCache - this ran OK but did not fix the problem.

    I have recently started providing IT support for this company. They have three MS 2003 servers, two were DCs and one runs Exchange. All three servers are getting on a bit. I have installed a new 2003 server, set it up as a DC and retired one of the existing DCs although it is still running as a Terminal server. For avoiding confusion, the old DCs are 1 and 2. The new DC is 3.
    Server 2 is no longer a DC but is a TS. servers 1 and 3 replicate correctly. The plan is to retire all three old servers so there is just one MS server. I have also installed a RedHat Linux server as a domain member server. Although Samba on redhat can run as a domain controller this feature is off.

    I cannot add a new user to the domain - each time I try I get the error "windows cannot access the file gpt.ini" when I complete the add user process with the new users password. I have edited the password policy so that the strong features are off, no minimum length, no history etc. The change is replicated on both servers 1 and 3. The problem is the same if I try to add the user on either. I can amend existing users and change their passwords.